One More Manhattan, 5-song EP 
All lyrics and music written by Maggie Laird.

"One More Manhattan unveils Laird's versatility, from vocal jazz to country to pop. Laird balances it all with a soulful, sexy vocal style and stellar instrumentation from her top-drawer band."   -Jim Olin, All About Jazz    

"One More Manhattan vividly showcases Laird's knife-sharp musical and artistic skills. Her ability to convey emotions in every song is a testament to her talent and experience. This EP is so captivating one might play the five tracks repeatedly."  -Stacey Zering, No Depression


"With her impeccable musical abilities and uniquely quirky presence, she fills the stage with humor, drama, and magic."   -Rich Rubin, Quince Productions

"Maggie Laird is a dynamite vocalist...a real find."  -Victory Review